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Here at Reload Bar & Games we love video games, esports, board
games, card games, technology, live streams, cosplay, anime, comics,
pop culture, and drinks!

We’re always running new events along these lines. Subscribe to our
Facebook events to keep to date with what’s going on:

We have PCs set up with high quality peripherals for a great gaming
experience and a long list of PC games to play including Battlefield 1, Overwatch, League of
Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft II & Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Ask us
if we have your favourite. The PCs are rented at $5 | hour.

We have a great range of consoles and video games. We believe that
gaming is best with other people, and all of our games have been
selected for their focus on multiplayer gaming and a social experience.
The consoles are available to play for customers of the bar – so if you
like what we’re doing then support the bar and buy one of our carefully
crafted drinks. We have a great range that should satisfy all tastes.


Check out our list of game-themed cocktails, jugs and short drinks. These drinks don’t just have novel names, they are delicious and unique creations that are designed to hit your X, A, B & Y buttons. We are very proud of our drinks and are sure you will find them to your taste.

We also have Sapporo beer and Somersby cider on tap, and all the basic and top-shelf spirits you would expect.

If you are a designated driver or are just having a quiet one, we’ve got you covered with a range of fruit juices, soft drinks and mocktails.

  • Double Dragon

    Bourbon double shot, maple syrup, spiced syrup, fresh orange zest

  • Moxxi’s Love Potion

    ~ a drink for 2 ~ apricot nectar, fresh lime, dark rum, apricot brandy, strawberry liquer

  • Destiny

    Tanqueray 10 gin, Blue Curacao, Grenadine, fresh lemon and a frozen tonic Traveller ice cube.

  • Chun-li Iced Tea

    Vodka, gin, white rum, tequila, Cointreau, fresh lemon, ginger and jasmine syrup, cola.

  • Manta Style

    White rum, Midori, lychee juice, fresh lemon, fresh strawberries

  • Miyamoto Slipper

    Midori, Cointreua, fresh lemon and a maraschino cherry

  • Perfect Dark

    Espresso, Mozart dark chocolate liqueur, Kahlua, vodka

  • Miss Fortune

    Two guns, two shots. Spiced rum, coconut rum, cranberry & pineapple juice.

  • Tropico

    Coconut tequila, tequila, grapefruit juice, fresh lime, pepper syrup


We don’t only play games – we love to watch them too. From local tournaments run through The Barracks LAN Café to the biggest competitions in the world, Reload is dedicated to providing a venue where you and your friends can watch your favourite teams compete in style. Come along and catch some League, Dota, StarCraft or CS on our massive projector and 60” TV screens while soaking up the bar atmosphere.
To see what esports events are coming up on the big screen, please refer to the events calendar below or our Facebook page.

We are eager to grow the local competitive scene and are interested in talking to local teams, event organizers and community figures about achieving this goal. Whether you are seeking sponsorship, have an event you would like to run, or just want to get involved and help out, we would love to hear from you.

Bookings & Private Hires

Reload Bar & Games is available for private hire for large groups. Our venue works very well for birthdays, private gaming nights, industry events, launches & team building.

Please fill out this Booking Form and we will get back to you super fast.

Private Hire
To date we have hosted events for accounting firms, government departments, Kickstarters, university colleges and AAA rated game studios. Consider us for your next Private event or launch Party
Table Bookings
Bringing a crew, but not enough to book the whole bar out? We can look after you with a Table Booking. We will reserve one of our large tables for you and make sure you are looked after extra well!

Team Building

Reload Bar & Games is a unique and fun venue to bring your staff for a team building session.

Video gaming can be a great way to help a work group evolve into a cohesive unit. By engaging in co-operative challenges (or a little healthy competition between teams) your staff can build trust and support and increase respect one another’s individual differences.

At Reload we can design a program specific to your needs and guide your team members though the controls for each game. It doesn’t matter if they have never played before; that’s all part of the challenge and our games have been chosen to be easily accessible to people who might not usually play video games.

Perhaps you are after something a little less structured and just want to reward your team for their hard work. A private staff function at Reload is a great social outing that will get everyone talking and playing together in an inclusive environment.

We have a fully stocked bar and a PA system with wireless microphones that you can use for announcements, awards ceremonies, etc. Tables and seating are plentiful and can be arranged to your liking.

We can work around your schedule to find a time suitable for your event. Friday afternoons from 2pm are ideal and available for private hire at a very reasonable cost.

For more information please email us (info@reloadbar.com.au)


38 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra, ACT


(02) 6257 4232